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The Color Issue of Asymmetric Magazine is now available to order!

The Los Angeles Art Quarterly features stunning collage work by Annie Terrazzo, a visual minimalism spread by 19-year-old photographer Rick Bhatia, among other art and music features.

… AND five pieces from my photo-prose Ode to L.A. series!

You can order your copy of the issue can you buy furosemide tablets!

buy furosemide tablets uk

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.30.58 AM

Get your Rogue on! Issue #3 features four amazing cover spreads: DEBORAH ANN WOLL, star of the series DAREDEVIL; JIM STURGESS, who stars in AMC’s upcoming series FEED THE BEAST; hip-hop maven AZEALIA BANKS; and ZOEY DEUTCH, who currently stars in Linklater’s latest film EVERYBODY WANTS SOME.

… Plus a superfluity of film music fashion and culture. So honored to be a contributing writer for this smart, stylish magazine!

This issue is particularly special to me: I wrote a feature on Robin Lord Taylor, the cover story on Jim Sturgess, and my first ever culture piece for Rogue on the Cult of Ignorance in America today.

Print and Digital Editions now available furosemide 40 mg buy online uk. Get the special discounted pre-sale edition before it hits shelves or download a digital copy now on our site!

where can i buy furosemide online

Zella Day

My full interview of young music phenom Zella Day from Rogue Magazine Issue #2 is now available online! She wrote her first album at 13 and is now breaking out in a huge way. You may have heard her song “Sacrifice” on the Divergent Series: Insurgent soundtrack or her woeful “Seven Nation Army” cover and, if you like that, you should definitely check out her debut album “Kicker” released this past June. She was a strong, soulful interview and her personality resonates deeply in her music. Elements of folk, pop, rock and soul mix to create her own fresh, unconventional sound. She believes that people respond to her music because of its eclectic appeal. “There’s something for everybody.” Read more at Rogue Magazine furosemide for dogs buy!

where to buy furosemide in uk

So excited to announce that my one-hour TV pilot THE CANE FIELDS has made it through to the semifinals of Filmmakers TV Script Writing Competition!!! This news seems particularly heartening in light of continued demand for projects that more honestly reflect our culturally and ethnically diverse world. I cannot over-express the excitement and encouragement I am feeling that a story like this would make it so far. 

The Cane Fields is a gritty noir-esque crime drama in the style of L.A. Confidential and opens on August 21, 1959, the day Hawaii was admitted into the United States. The story presents a complex historical portrait of the 50th State, one that reflects Hawaii’s ethnically-diverse political and socio-economic landscape in the late 1950’s.  
The Cane Fields (poster)
Info about the competition can be found buy furosemide water tablets.

Rogue Mag #2 Now Available

The latest issue of Rogue Magazine is now available! There’s a lot of snark and bombast out there — this isn’t that. 150 pages of lush meaty fashion, film, music & culture. Very proud to be one of the contributors — I wrote features on three impressive and artistic women: Caity Lotz, Christian Serratos and Zella Day. Help keep print media alive and pick up a physical copy HERE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 8.43.47 AM