Maine has turned me into a lover of weeds. They grow wild and unchecked on the sides of the roads and highways here, sometimes as tall as five feet in the more rural, deserted areas. I love the way the light and wind move through them, like a tango. It’s mesmerizing.

A little ditty I shot, directed and edited to highlight Lewiston-Auburn for the Emerge Film Festival April 29 – May 1.


A creature movie using two black & white 35mm photographs. The background is a shot of the creepy window in the stairwell leading down to my basement and I made the creature by animating a dry wild cotton boll I captured in an empty field behind the airport. Enjoy!


My latest experiment in animation using a35mm photograph I took of Wiscasset, Maine in the fog and a bird I captured in Rangeley, Maine.


Weeping Ash & Diving Crow. My first attempt at animation using a photo I took in Wiscasset of my favorite ash tree (vectorized) and a photo I took of the crow that lives in my backyard.


Rooster: Life & Death of a Convict  Teaser for the 12-minute documentary about an ex-con attempting to create a new life for himself in Mojave, CA. Shot and directed by Brooke Nasser.


Don’t Make Me Laugh   Teaser for the 25-minute documentary about three amateur stand-up comics trying to break through into the comedy scene in Los Angeles. Shot and directed by Brooke Nasser.


Traveling in Los Angeles: 5 Experimental Shorts shot and directed by Brooke Nasser.

ANGELES CREST: teaser (music by Justin Hogan)