Filmmakers’ TV Script Writing Contest – Semifinalist!

So excited to announce that my one-hour TV pilot THE CANE FIELDS has made it through to the semifinals of Filmmakers TV Script Writing Competition!!! This news seems particularly heartening in light of continued demand for projects that more honestly reflect our culturally and ethnically diverse world. I cannot over-express the excitement and encouragement I am feeling that a story like this would make it so far. 

The Cane Fields is a gritty noir-esque crime drama in the style of L.A. Confidential and opens on August 21, 1959, the day Hawaii was admitted into the United States. The story presents a complex historical portrait of the 50th State, one that reflects Hawaii’s ethnically-diverse political and socio-economic landscape in the late 1950’s.  
The Cane Fields (poster)
Info about the competition can be found HERE.

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